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Jan 20, 2015

Continuous feed of folding boxes into the magazine

Best ease of use and functional security for magazine feed belt.
The magazine feed belt in ROVEMA cartoning machines ensures a continuous feed of folding boxes into the magazine.The folding boxes are standing on edge and are usually kept in a vertical position by different devices like metal brackets or angle plates. The ROVEMA swivel plate for the magazine feed belt offers the best ease of use and functional security.The swivel plate is guided by a sliding rail and seated on the transport belt of the feed belt. Thus it moves safely alongside the pile of folding boxes. Moreover, the folding boxes can be handled in much easier way during the loading process thanks to the fixation of the swivle plate to the sliding rail. By a simple shifting of the swivel plate, refilled piles of folding boxes can be gathered and supported a stable way independent of their size.

The swivel plate offers users many benefits like an easier filling of the magazine feed belt as well as a facilitated handling of the piles of folding boxes. Furthermore, a higher process reliability can be achieved by using the swivel plate. It is suitable for all sizes of folding boxes.

The retrofit kit consists of a swivel plate with hinge and guide carriage as well as a guide rail according to the feed belt length. In addition, a dust protection for the guide rail and mounting material are included in the retrofit kit.

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Jan 20, 2015, Continuous feed of folding boxes into the magazine