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Jan 20, 2015

Lucrative alternative for cartoning and final packaging machines

Semi-automatic Format Adjustment: fast, precise, reproducible.
The constantly increasing diversity of shapes for boxes and transport packaging in combination with decreasing product batches requires frequent format changes on cartoning and final packaging machines. With the new semi-automatic format adjustment system, ROVEMA offers a lucrative alternative to the conventional manual adjustment of the numerous position indicators. The control unit of this format adjustment system can control up to 32 adjustment points at the machine. After choosing the desired program in the display of the control unit, LED lights start flashing on all the position indicators which have to be adjusted. Every position indicator recalls its individually pre-programmed setting value and transmits it to a cordless screwdriver via an infrared interface. The screwdriver automatically stops as soon as the setting value has reached the tolerance range.

The semi-automatic format adjustment offers users a considerable reduction of changeover time, a high reproducibility during adjustment work, format changes and fine tuning as well as an exact positioning of the adjustment points.

This again ensures a higher process reliability. The semi-automatic format adjustment enables the connection of up to 32 position indicators and offers up to 100 memory spaces for different formats.

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Jan 20, 2015, Lucrative alternative for cartoning and final packaging machines