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Jan 21, 2015

Exact positioning of the auger doser

Height adjustment of the doser: fast, safe and reproducible
Auger dosers from ROVEMA are known for their reliability, product protection and dosing accuracy during the filling process. A flexible use of the auger doser is ensured by the height adjustment device, which is usually actuated by a manually operated hydraulic lifting device. However, by now this device only insufficiently fulfills the current safety standards.

With the spindle height adjustment unit ROVEMA now offers a beneficial and safe alternative. Thanks to the purely mechanical adjustment device containing a spindle with trapezoidal thread, the height of the doser can be adjusted in a fast, uncomplicated and reproducible way.Every adjustment can be monitored via a position indicator. Moreover, the unit offers a considerable improvement in terms of safety since it prevents the auger doser from slipping uncontrollably after a relaese of the clamping lever.

The spindle height adjustment unit offers users precise and reproducible height adjustements, a considerable reduction of risk of injury, a lower risk of damage to equipment, an always exact positioning of the doser as well as a reliable and stable execution.

The conversion kit contains an adjustment unit with position indicator, a spindle with adjusting nut, a ratchet wrench and mounting material.

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Jan 21, 2015, Exact positioning of the auger doser