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Jul 22, 2015

Fachpack 2015 - integrated solution for shelf ready packaging of confectionery


ROVEMA proudly presents itself once at Fachpack to prove its innovative capacity in the matter of packaging machines.
ROVEMA will be exhibiting a typical application for the packaging of confectionery, pastries and cookies.

The packaging line will incorporate the BVC 180 bagging system with integrated weigher and a picker modul. The control of the picker modul and the weigher which is directly mounted on the vertical bagger is integrated in the vertical bagger. So we have a complete system available where all components can be operated by the machine control.

The BVC 180 vertical bagger is equipped with an integrated metal detector in the weigher frame as well as the proven product detection sense&seal, which detects product parts in the seal area and directly pushes out of faulty bags. The bags will be guided downwards directly out of the machine. This saves space and enables good accessibility from the front. The bags are guided in lying position, face up, i.e. the orientation of the bag is already in place as to how it will be laid up in the tray. The bags will be guided to the picker by an infeed belt, will be sucked in by vacuum grippers and positioned in the tray according to a defined scheme, which can be configured freely. The motion profiles of the delta kinematics will be caculated by the vertical bagger control. Thus the picker is couppled smoothly to the continuously driven infeed and discharge belts. The packaging process runs smoothly and in an energy-efficient operation which is gentle for the product and machine.

When changing the performance of the vertical bagger, the picker rautomatically adapts its movement profile. The choice of the recipe will also be implemented in the picker. This shortens change over times. All adjustments for the vertical bagger, weigher and picker will be made on only one menu display (HMI touch panel). The same hardware is used throughout. Thus the world wide ROVEMA service can provide optimum support for the whole solution. There is no training or additional personnel needed for the operation of the weigher and picker. The operator can also make changes in the layer schemes or the bag format by entering a few parameters without having robotic programming-knowledge.

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Jul 22, 2015, Fachpack 2015 - integrated solution for shelf ready packaging of confectionery


Picker und BVC 180
Picker und BVC 180 (