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Jan 21, 2015

Goodbye to unplanned downtime

ROVEMA wear part kit VDD / VDX with flap closure
The ROVEMA volume dosers VDD / VDX with flap closure are known for gentle product handling and precise dosing. With a specially compiled wear part kit, ROVEMA meets the high demands on the closing mechanism of each cup.Deformed flaps cause dosing inaccuracies and weight fluctuations. Moreover, an uncontrolled loss of product unnecessarily pollutes the machine environment and the machine itself.

Now the worn parts can be exchanged immediatly if required. This effectively prevents unplanned downtime as well as loss of production. Moreover, this ensures a constant functioning of the machine. In addition, the wear part kit containing 8 flaps and a closing cam for the flap closure system offers an optimal selection of parts for the respective volume doser.

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Jan 21, 2015, Goodbye to unplanned downtime