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Jun 10, 2015

Conversion kit: hot air welding unit for vertical seam

New hot air welding unit without water cooling
Throughout many years, a hot air welding system with integrated water cooling was used as standard for welding the vertical seam of PE film in ROVEMA baggers. In the current machine models, this system has been replaced by a new execution with an extended functional range and a modern design. The new unit does no longer require water cooling. A proper function control offers more flexibility as well as individual setting options. Moreover, the integrated unit for air quantity regulation and monitoring opens up savings potential regarding air consumption.

The conversion to a new hot air welding unit offers many advantages regarding the control system and the welding procedure such as a regular temperature control along the whole welding area and reaching the nominal temperature right after the start. Furthermore, the new unit enables effective flow settings with energy saving potential and is less susceptible to faults thanks to latetest technology. The conversion kit has a modern design and is suitable only for machines with ISA control or P@ckControl system.

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Jun 10, 2015, Conversion kit: hot air welding unit for vertical seam