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Feb 07, 2014

More running smoothness and less wear

ROVEMA offers a retrofit kit for the conveyor belt drives at its machines, which significantly extends the operational life of the bearings and the drive unit. With the retrofit kit existing components such as drive shaft and roller shafts can be replaced and a protecting coupling with adapter flange can be installed.Compelling advantages are greater running smoothness of the drive unit, gentler movements and less wear on the bearings and the drive unit. This reduces unplanned downtime and guarantees constant machine availability.

In practice, the periphery of a packaging machine also has to ensure a relaible and efficient production. As connecting elements, conveyer belts are of great importance but the bearings and the drive unite are sub ject to heavy wear. A replacement of these components, however, is always connected to an extended production stop and complicated installation work. An early installation of the retrofit kit avoids these disadvantages. The complete retrofit kit consists of a roller shaft with a support and a set of ball bearings, a drive shaft for the the gear motor, a coupling with adapter flange for the gearbox and the necessary mounting material.

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Feb 07, 2014, More running smoothness and less wear