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Jul 28, 2014

New American case packer EF 2

The new American case Packer EF 2: Performance, ergonomy and hygiene in the foreground
The packaging machine manufacturer ROVEMA presents an end-of-line machine with the new developed AC-Packer EF 2, in which the interests of ergonomy and hygiene were given special consideration besides packaging performance. Yet, the solid and robust machine is built to be especially space-saving, is ideally supplemented by innovative and efficient grouping systems and ensures cost-effective production with a performance op up to twelve American case cartons per minute depending on the product and carton size by its quick and reproducible format change. High automation is achieving along with an excellent price-performance ratio with the AC-Packer EF 2, which can be integrated into the entire packaging process.

The machine is especially operator-friendly due to the low, and thus ergonomic arrangement of the blank magazine. And since it designed such that it can be clearly inspected from all sides and easely accessed, it can be cleaned quickly and easely. Technically, ROVEMA consistently pursues its proven quality philosophy for end packaging with the AC-Packer EF 2. The complete straightening up, filling and sealing process takes place at only two stations. Common sources of jamming are thus reduced to a minimum and operational reliability clearly improved. Cut-outs are defined during the entire packaging process and safely positioned and retained in th stations. This optimal packaging cycle leads to geomatrically precise packaging. Product and packaging are protected, the entire packaging process works in a safe and controlled manner.

The flexibility of the machine doesn't come up short. Flexible grouping systems - cycled chain or belt feed - enable different position layouts. The quick format change is reproducible by application-specific parameters, adjusting spindles and format parts. Thus, downtimes are reduced and a cost-effective, efficient production process is guaranteed. Optional extension options like the try module or external head sealing enable other, additional functions, which are all operated in an absolutly safe manner with the process control P@ckControl from ROVEMA. Supervisory mechanisms and dynamic threshold values ensure that incorrect or meaningless parameters are not accepted. Moreover, the operator also has integrated online help with its convenient navigation via touch-screen whenever needed for support.

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Jul 28, 2014, New American case packer EF 2