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Jul 28, 2014

New bagger series BVC

BVC baggers satisfy the highest requirements
Packaging machinery manufacturer ROVEMA presents its new bagger series BVC in three different manufactured sizes. The new continuously working machine line is designed for maximum output, where, despite the high speeds, it implements the product recognition "sens&seal" and high quality sealing technology "premiumseal". Through this, very high machine efficiency is ensured with perfect bag quality. The machines can be cleaned quickly and easily since they have no hollow spaces, and even comply with high hygiene requirements. The BVC series is at the top of ROVEMA's product programme, which can be optimally configured for different applications.

The new bagger series includes three design sizes with the names BVC 180 for format sizes from 50 to 180mm, BVC 260 for format sizes from 50 to 260mm and BVC 400 for format sizes from 80 to 400 mm. The machines are thus convincing due to their speeds and sealing quality. BVC 180 fills up to 240 bags per minute and achieves brilliant sealing quality not least because of the very high sealing force of 6,000 Nm. The mid-sized machine achieves the same sealing force and 210 bags per minute, while the largest machine BVC 400 generates a real sealing force of 8,000Nm and can fill up to 150 bags per minute.

Good accessibility of all areas and simple cleaning were considered in particular besides high performance at the time of designing the entire series. Covers in the product area which can be removed without tools are examples of this aspect. Format change is also possible without tools. The machines are manufactured in painted steel, or complete in stainless steel including the cabinet. Rockwell control is also available besides ROVEMA P@ckControl. The valve unit is connected via IO link, and all manometers can be clearly read through inspection windows in the cabinet. A broad range of options supplements the elegant-looking yet robust baggers designed for continuous use.

"We are satisfying highly demanding customer wishes even better with the BVC series" says ROVEMA's sales manager Roland Kuhn convincingly." Besides high efficiency and bag quality, it will also enthus many costumers due to its clear design and good hygiene properties.!"

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Jul 28, 2014, New bagger series BVC