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Mar 10, 2015

Packaging of deep frozen food – flexible and efficient

ROVEMA vertical form-, fill- and seal machine meets the highest demands of the deep frozen industry.
ROVEMA presents the new BVC in two different construction sizes - a perfect packaging machine for the frozen food industry.

The new BVC is designed in such a way that only product, bag style and film limit the machine performance. Uneven form and consistency of products, or the use of different film is no problem for the BVC.

Flexibility in packaging size, extremly low percentage of air inside the bag and high sealing tightness are guaranteed with the BVC. The packaging of all mono and laminated films in various thicknesses enables the production of varied bag styles.

The continuous motion machine is designed and built for optimum performance. It is equipped with product detection sense&seal together with high speed. When the sensitive electronics detects tiny product parts in seal areas the sealing process and the cutting procedure is interrupted and the sealing jaws will be stopped and moved back. The machine produces a double bag that is discharged and automatically starts the packaging procedure again. For difficult or very sensitive films, the BVC is equipped with the innovative Sense-Tack-Welding technology, STW. In addition to the sealing temperature, sealing and cooling time parameters, the sealing power profile is also optimized. As all sealing parameters can be adjusted individually highest repeatability and reliability is achieved. This will result in a very high machine effiiency degree of up to 98% whilst producing perfect bag quality. The product area is consequently separated from the drive area, so the machine fulfils the highest hygiene requirements whilst ensuring that the machine can also be quickly and easily cleaned.

The new machine series covers two construction sizes: the BVC 260 for the format size area 60 - 260mm and BVC 400 for the format size area 80-400mm.

For the frozen food industry, with its high demands on cleanliness, flexibility and efficiency, but without compromising hygiene, the BVC is the ideal machine.

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Mar 10, 2015, Packaging of deep frozen food – flexible and efficient