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Feb 07, 2014

Stabilo Seal in the reel carrier

The Stabilo Seal stand-up pouch is one of the most attractive forms of packaging. As a premuim packaging, it generates special attention at the point of sale. ROVEMA now offers a reel carrier unit with which the Stabilo Seal system can be retrofitted on continuous bagging machines that are equipped with ROVEMA control.

Unlike Stabilo Seal at the tube, no increase in the level of the machine is required with the Stabilo Seal reel carrier unit, so the dropping height of the product remains constant and fragile products can still be packed gently. In addition, it is possible to realize the promotional Stabilo Seal bag shape at the machine while maintaining the bag cross section as well as the round format set with optimal filling tube diameter. This usually results in an increase in the production output of the machine. Installation and commissioning of the retrofit kit will be carried out on site by the competent ROVEMA servic team.

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Feb 07, 2014, Stabilo Seal in the reel carrier