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Jul 28, 2014

Stabilo Seal Stand-Alone Unit for baggers

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Flexibility is the trump card in the brand-new stand-alone unit of the packaging machine manufacturer ROVEMA; the high-value ROVEMA stabilo seal and RoPack bags can be manufactured with its help independent of manufacturer on every continuously operating bagger.

The profitable function for manufacturing innovative bag forms thus no longer needs to be retrofitted on every machine. The completely autonomous system can be placed behind different baggers and operated as required without spending too much time. In this regards, the premium bag forms can generally be manufactured without a problem while maintaining format sizes and the round or oval format sets.

The stabilo seal stand-alone unit is equipped with its own control unit for flexible and independent use. Since there is no intervention in the bagger itself, the machines and thus the dropping height of the product remains unchanged, so that fragile products can continue to be filled. The unit is supplied complete with printer support, cutting and gluing system for film, protective cover with safety circuit and pneumatic packaging material mandrel. In addition, the format parts for sizes of stabilo seal or RoPack bags are also provided.

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Jul 28, 2014, Stabilo Seal Stand-Alone Unit for baggers