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Sep 07, 2017

ROVEMA celebrates 21 years working with KENDAL NUTRICARE

ROVEMA and Kendal Nutricare are celebrating 21 years of successful trading together. The factory in Kendal Cumbria has produced for famous brands such as GSK, Boots, Meiji, Nutricia, Heinz, Danone, Hero and United Pharmaceuticals for over 55 years and specialises in manufacturing world class health care products from infant formulas to Complete meals.

Alistair Bown of ROVEMA said: “In 1996 we supplied a packaging line consisting of four ROVEMA VPR continuous motion vertical bagging machines fitted with ROVEMA SDX auger fillers. The filled bags were then fed into a CMK continuous motion horizontal cartoning machine. Over the years we have continued to be one of Kendal Nutricare’s preferred suppliers and are delighted to have reached this 21 year milestone.” ROVEMA’s UK office opened over 30 years ago and the company has supplied more than 30,000 packaging machines worldwide for food and non-food goods. Its five UK based engineers located around the country are ready to offer support to customers at all times.

Ian Price from Kendal Nutricare said: “We’ve received exceptional service from ROVEMA for all these years and continue to do so. David Holmes of ROVEMA, who originally installed the line, is still supporting it to this day and he has always gone above and beyond when any assistance was needed. I can’t recommend ROVEMA highly enough. We’re expecting to see another 20 plus years out of the original packaging line and we will definitely continue to buy from ROVEMA.”

We wish Ian Price all the best for his well-deserved retirement.

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Sep 07, 2017, ROVEMA celebrates 21 years working with KENDAL NUTRICARE


Alistair Bown at Kendal Nutricare
Alistair Bown at Kendal Nutricare (

ROVEMA cartoning machine CMK
ROVEMA cartoning machine CMK (

Bag in box packaging with ROVEMA cartoning machine
Bag in box packaging with ROVEMA cartoning machine (

ROVEMA display
ROVEMA display (