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Jun 26, 2018

Cavex Netherlands satisfied with ROVEMA packaging machine SBS 250

For more than a century, Cavex produces dental materials which meet the highest demands in quality and reliability. Although the products for filling and impression materials (alginate) still account for the biggest share of turnaround, the product range is continuously growing with bleach and oral hygiene products.
“This of course always changes the demands on the production. The technology used to produce alginate is different from that of our Fresh4Sure mouthwash,” explained Ben van Raemdonck, Technical Operations Manager at Cavex. For this reason, a project was started to look for a machine for the packaging of alginate products. “We had two Form Fill and Seal machines. We were looking for capacity expansion and especially a cleaner production with much less dust,” said Ton van Gemert, Technical Production Engineer.
During their visit to the ROVEMA technical center in Fernwald, Germany, Ben and Ton were immediately impressed. “The amount of dust was minimal and we saw that the capacity could be increased without any problems,” explained Ben van Raemdonck. “Yes, and the product looks much better in the new packaging,” added Ton van Gemert. The choice fell on a ROVEMA SBS 250 packaging machine, which has been in operation for about six months. “We are satisfied. Our expectations for the tests in Fernwald have been completely fulfilled. The machine and the cooperation with ROVEMA are great,” concluded Ben van Raemdonck.

ROVEMA is also pleased with the successful cooperation and thanks Cavex for the confidence placed in them.
Preliminary tests and trial runs with different packaging materials and original products can be flexibly planned in the company’s own test center. Contact us!

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Jun 26, 2018, Cavex Netherlands satisfied with ROVEMA packaging machine SBS 250

Source: story cavex nl

A successful cooperation: Cavex and ROVEMA
A successful cooperation: Cavex and ROVEMA (

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