Connect in 4 steps with ROVEMA Remote Service

Special offer ROVEMA Remote Service: Up until April 30th, 2020 we will offer you the first hour of the Remote Service free of charge! After the first hour, we will invoice at ¼ hourly intervals at 25.00 €. From May 1st onwards the support costs are 100,00 € flat rate up to max. one hour. After that, the support service will be charged at € 25.00 every ¼ hour.
STEP 1 - Accept invitation
Click/tap on the link in the XpertEye invitation, which you have received either by SMS or email. Please note that you need Google Chrome or Safari (iOS devices) to use the link. Make sure you have the latest version installed on your device. (You can download Google Chrome from the following link:

Since the communication will be audio-visual, we recommend the use of a headset. Alternatively, you can switch on the speakers/handsfree system of your terminal device.
STEP 2 - Select display mode
When Google Chrome/Safari opens, first select your display mode and confirm your selection. This will help to display XpertEye correctly on your device.
STEP 3 - Confirm access rights
Please confirm the following access requests from Google Chrome/Safari. Access is required to establish an audio-visual communication via Google Chrome/Safari.
STEP 4 - You are logged in
You are now automatically logged in and can start a video communication and/or answer a call.

Making a call
To start a call, click on the green handset icon to the right of the name of the contact you want to call.

Answering a call
You can either accept or reject an incoming call.

You can also chat with the other participant. To do this, click on the desired user in the contact list. You will then find a text entry at the bottom of the screen.

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