Rovema Spare Parts Service

ROVEMA Spare Parts

High-Quality Spare and Wear Parts

At its headquarters in Fernwald, Germany, ROVEMA has a huge warehouse which constantly holds ready approx. 15,000 different spare and wear parts. This way we make sure that our customers always promptly receive the required parts and, even in case of a machine breakdown, we are able to react quickly. Purchasing original spare and wear parts directly from ROVEMA, respectively from our affiliates and agencies, offers you parts from the ROVEMA in-house production, special parts as well as parts from different manufacturers at attractive delivery times. Moreover, we offer machine-specific spare and wear parts packages for new as well as for existing machines.
In addition, ROVEMA places great demands on the quality of the sold spare and wear parts since they have to fulfill demanding and wear-intensive functions in our packaging machines and ensure a constant functioning of a technically complex system. Prerequisites for this are accurate working methods for parts manufactured in-house, the use of high-quality raw materials as well as a constant quality check of purchase parts.


Custom-made production and warranty

ROVEMA packaging machines are always adjusted to customer demands, contain different applications and were constructed and produced in an individual way. Therefore, the building plans of a machine often contain special parts which either have to be manufactured by ROVEMA exactly for the requested function or purchased and reworked accordingly. If you purchase these special parts directly from ROVEMA, an orientation towards the original building plans ensures fitting accuracy and a proper functioning of the parts. Besides, for many parts from our in-house production we have attractive delivery times.
ROVEMA grants you a guarantee of 12 months on spare parts (excluding wear parts) manufactured and/or delivered by ROVEMA. In case the spare part suffers damage during this time span, ROVEMA will provide you with a new part free of charge in exchange of the damaged part or will assume the cost of a repair. We will also take over the freight charges. For spare parts which suffer damage after the guarantee period, ROVEMA offers a repair service. After checking the repair possibilities at ROVEMA and approval of the cost estimate by the customer, the spare part will soon reliably fulfill its function in the machine again.
We offer high-quality and custom-made forming sets for all ROVEMA machine types – from dosing to final packaging machines. Furthermore, we provide special executions (e.g. gassing) as well as individual components of a forming set (e.g. forming shoulder) and ROVEMA dosing augers.