Rovema Training

ROVEMA Training

Our concept

The ROVEMA trainings are composed in a modular way and thus allow for a flexible adaptation to individual customer requirements. Theory and practice are connected in an optimal way and support joined-up and interdisciplinary thinking.

Two training approaches allow you to participate in both individual trainings and mixed customer group trainings .

We are focusing on trainings on the site of ROVEMA in Fernwald, Germany. We are convinced that this offers you the maximum benefit since this way your personnel will profit in the best way from the experience of our trainers. However, upon request it is still possible to carry out a training on your site.

Upcoming events

Trainings for mixed customer groups

We offer trainings for mixed customer groups about machine control/programming and form, fill and seal machines – each year on fixed dates at ROVEMA in Fernwald. Secure your place now!
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Individual trainings

We offer individual trainings for your staff from the areas of operation, maintenance, electronics and machine control/programming. Duration, content and language of the training will be customized according to your machines and requirements. In addition to having more flexibility regarding the composition of your training, you have the possibility to order multimedia-based training material especially for your machine. This includes professional videos which illustrate individual work steps and thus facilitate an efficient and long-lasting transfer of knowledge.

Your benefits

trainings for single customers (user focused)
mixed learning groups (topic focused)