ROVEMA Automated Wet Cleaning AWC

ROVEMA‘s new Automated Wet Cleaning AWC for auger dosers
cleaning without chemicals – reduces down times for cleaning and drying by up to 90%.

The ROVEMA SDH auger doser allows precise and dust-free dosing of various free-flowing products. Since frequent product changes are common during production, many cleaning intervals throughout the day are necessary to avoid product contamination. In the past only the use of chemicals allowed truly hygienic cleaning results. To reduce cleaning times and to ensure reliable hygienic cleaning without the use of chemicals, ROVEMA together with the University of Applied Sciences in Hanover developed the Automated Wet Cleaning AWC for auger dosers. Its effectiveness has been validated for brown sugar and milk powder, amongst others.
A secure and user-friendly cleaning system that works without dismantling, chemical cleaners and manual labour. Human health, the environment and resources are treated with care, cleaning times and down times are reduced, and the production process simplified.