ROVEMA Original Parts

ROVEMA packaging machines are advanced technical systems, developed to master challenging, wear-intensive tasks. With over 30,000 delivered machines and an active machine stock of over 6,000 systems in daily production work, we are represented in around 130 countries around the world. We keep over 15,000 ORIGINAL PARTS ready at short notice for a flawless deployment service. Maintenance cycles must function reliably and unplanned production stops must always be avoided. This is why we place the greatest emphasis on the highest spare part quality at a fair price.

The best decision – guaranteed

Maintenance workers  
succumb to stress when wear parts fail before the planned maintenance date, spare part do not function fully, were machined imprecisely, or ordered incorrectly. In the worst case, production stops altogether – that is when things become very expensive.

With ROVEMA original spare parts, you are on the safe side!  
High-quality materials, quality control and perfect fit ensure a long lifespan of the spare parts and thus the highest machine availability!

Technical Purchasers
are buried by many comparison requests, various suppliers hold them up on the telephone when following up on their offers. Ideally, they would procure all the relevant parts for ROVEMA machines in an uncomplicated manner from a single source.

ROVEMA offers a "one-stop shop" at fair prices!  
With our experienced colleagues, we have reclassified approx. 15,000 active spare parts, compared market prices for countless standard purchase parts, and optimized procurement conditions. The result: We can now supply you with the complete parts’ range at a more attractive price, in the normal ROVEMA quality and from a single source. Save money by reducing the number of different spare parts’ suppliers and thus the administrative costs! Save time by choosing ROVEMA: Our experienced customer consultants and a comprehensive machine history permit rapid, accurate part identification!

Warehouse logistics officers 
always find themselves in the gray area between high system availability and productivity on the one hand, and the binding of capital into spare parts on the other. Considerable optimization potential can be found here and needs to be activated.

ROVEMA can offer a reliable, global supply of spare parts!  
The immediate availability of approx. 15,000 different spare parts and high depth of production at the Fernwald production location allow a quick, flexible delivery. Add to this a dense global service network with 11 branch offices and 30 commercial and service locations. Reliable global logistics partners complete our range of possible actions.