EF 2

American Case Packer

The highlights
  • Small foot print due to compact design
  • User-friendly layout
  • Clearly structured and good accessibility
  • Combined with productive grouping systems
  • Gentle product handling
  • Alternatively in tape or hot melt execution
  • Quick and repeatable size change over
  • Modular expandable
  • Easy cleaning
  • Up to 12 AC cartons per minute *

*depending on product and carton size
EF 2

Compact, direct, flexible.

The complete erecting, filling and closing process only takes place at two stations. Thus, usual interference sources are reduced to a minimum and the functional reliability increases considerably. The case blanks are held safely and precisely positioned in all stations througout the whole packaging process.

This optimum packaging process leads to geometrically exact packages. As product and packaging are treated carefully, the whole packaging process runs safely and in a controlled manner. Flexible grouping systems - cycle chain or collecting conveyer for goods to feed into case- enable different product orientation in the case.

Effective and economic.

The quick format change over is reproducible by custom specific parameters, adjustment spindles and size parts. Thus downtimes are reduced and an economic and effective production process is ensured. Integrated into the whole packaging process the level of automation will be increased at an excellent price-performance ratio.

Safe operation with ROVEMA P@ck-Contol

The ROVEMA control system ROVEMA P@ck-Control guarantees an absolutely safe handling of the machines. Control mechanisms and dynamic limit calculation modules do not accept wrong or unreasonable data input. The operator can also use the integrated onlinehelp with the comfortable navigation on the Touch Screen, if required.

EF 2 Schema
American Case closed American Case closed
American Case open American Case open
Product sheet EF 2
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