BVC 145 TwinTube

Our fastest twin
Up to 500 bags per minute!

Forward-looking twin tube machine:
  • Separate control of bag lengths for exact bag lengths
  • Sealing force for both cross sealing tools can be adjusted individually
  • Independent product detection for both lines to protect sealing tools
High speed packaging without compromises:
  • Reliable maximum output in twin tube filling
  • Confectionery and snacks in uncompromising bag quality, even with high output rates
  • No reduction of performance for euro hole
  • Packaging material infeed with combined film roll and subsequent separation into two film rolls. Optional: two separate film rolls
  • Fully integrated printer, labeller and metal detection
ROVEMA BVC 145 TwinTube

Sophisticated and space-saving design for optimum accessibility:

  • Machine control fully integrated into machine housing, control cabinet can be pulled out completely
  • Swiveling double safety doors can be fully opened
  • Reel carrier entirely open for cleaning, maintenance or adjustment tasks

Technical Data

BVC 145 TwinTube
Bag width 50 – 145 mm
Bag length 80 – 220 mm
(optional: 320 mm)
Nominal output up to 500 B/min.
Subject to technical changes.
Performance data depending on product and packaging material.
Pillow bag Pillow bag
Pillow bag  with Eurohole (optional) Pillow bag with Eurohole (optional)
Pillow bag  with round hole (optional) Pillow bag with round hole (optional)
Chain bag (optional) Chain bag (optional)
More bag styles are available on request.
Product sheet BVC 145 TwinTube
BVC 145 TwinTube BVC 145 TwinTube
Video BVC 145 TwinTube
BVC 145 TwinTube BVC 145 TwinTube