Rovema Form Fill and Seal 


BVR 230 Snack

The perfect solution with a convincing price-performance ratio.

The highlights
  • High output and effectiveness
  • Complete system with scale
  • Excellent bag seam quality through stripper/stager function
  • Compact design
  • Intuitive, easy to understand operation, user guidance with graphical support in national language
  • Simple format change
BVR 230 Snack

Packaging system for snack products.

The BVR packaging system for snack products is the successful additional development of the principle of a rotating pair of sealing tools used successfully by ROVEMA for many years. The refined and trusted machine technology, in combination with the scales constructed as a system, offers an attractive concept for the snack industry.

Compact construction and hygienic design.

The scale is built directly as a system onto the Form Fill and Seal machine. As with all the machines of the ROVEMA BV series, the machine has been designed according to the current hygiene standards and is easy to clean. The control cabinet is integrated in the machine housing with a removable mounting plate. This ensures easy access for electrical and pneumatic maintenance work with a reduced amount of space. The film draw-down has vacuum support. The metal detector can be pulled out and can be integrated in the support frame of the scale. The printer can be operated via the machine display.

Technical Data

1 jaw pair 2 jaw pairs
Bag width (mm) 60  –  230 60  –  230
Bag length (mm) 200  – 330* 100  – 330*
Nominal output up to 130 (B/min.) up to 180 (B/min.)

* Can be extended, depending on the plinth height.
Subject to technical changes. Output data dependent on the product and packaging material.

Pillow Bag Pillow Bag
Pillow Chainbag Pillow Chainbag
Pillow Bag w. round hole Pillow Bag w. round hole
More bag styles are available on request.
Product sheet BVR 230 (English)
BVR 230 BVR 230
Product sheet BVR 230 (Spanish)
BVR 230 BVR 230
Product sheet BVR 230 (French
BVR 230 BVR 230
Video BVR 230 Snack
BVR 230 Snack BVR 230 Snack