SDH-W auger weigher

Weight-accurate, dust-free dosing with the SDH-W auger weigher


  • The dust-free dosing and filling system ensures for clean and tight seams with a high seam quality
  • Weight-accurate dosing through the combination of volumetric and gravimetric dosing process
  • High output through the continuous sealing and filling process
  • Easy and quick to clean due to clear separation of drive and product area

The operating principle

  • Product is filled via a controlled, gravimetric feeding auger into the hopper of the auger doser
  • Force transducers continuously determine the weight of product feeding and dosing
  • The auger doser works as a closed feeding system for dust-free sack filling
  • With the programmable servo drive, final weights will be achieved with the highest dosing accuracy
  • The filled sacks are tightly closed with the sealing/welding tools of the Form Fill and Seal machine

Product sheet