SDH Auger Doser

In Hygienic Design for highest demands

The highlights

  • Design in accordance to hygiene directive EHEDG
  • Tool free change of metering auger and tube
  • Split hopper for easy cleaning
  • Up to 20 % product compaction and savings in packaging material for freely-flowing products
  • Available with control system integrated in packaging machine or separate

Low-dust and compact powder packaging (PDF)

The hygienic design simplifies and shortens the process of the efficient cleaning.

Almost every powder and smallgrained product like milk powder, coffee, spices, sugar and chemicals can be handled.

It enables a very high degree of hygienic perfection in an efficient way.

By the exact dosing, even with difficult products, the auger doser SDH fulfills the economic demand of the user on the base of the legal standards.

The Principle

The product will be supplied directly into the hopper via screw/vibratory feeder at the entrance point 1 . A motor 2 actuates the stirrer that spreads the product homogeneously in the dosing hopper 3 . The auger 4 with servo drive doses the product out of the hopper into the package.