VDD Volumetric cup feeder

The proven way of dosing

The highlights

  • High performance
  • Proven dosing method
  • Large volume range
  • Product specific funnel design
  • Adjustable, telescopic 2-piece dosing cups for volume control
  • Height adjustment for adaptation to dosing volume
  • Frequency-controlled drive

Proven technology, high-performing and precise.

It meets the demand of the user within the required legal standards of weight accuracy.

The machines may be used as a single unit or in combination with a Form Fill Seal machine. The VDD is designed to dose free-flowing products like pellets or granulates.

Within this range a great number of products can be handled as, for example, rice, short-cut pasta, peanuts, pulse, chocolate or sugar.

  1. Product falls into the feed container
  2. Dosing plate unit transfers the filled cups to discharge position
  3. Stripper removes any surplus product
  4. Transport of empty cups to filling position
  5. Product falls into the transfer hopper

Product sheet