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More successful together: inno-tech and ROVEMA bundle capabilities for the frozen food industry.

At Fachpack 2021 Rovema will present sophisticated solutions for packaging frozen food and milling products. A continuous motion inno-tech REVO S machine and a ROVEMA SBS packaging system will be exhibited. With the inno-tech REVO series, ROVEMA now has even more to offer the frozen food industry.


Emballer les liquides de manière efficace et durable

Nouveau matériau d'emballage recyclable pour le liquide ROVEMA BVC 310. Avec SOLOTOP PE de National Flexibles, Rovema a testé avec succès un composite multicouche matériellement recyclable avec barrière EVOH. La solution de matériau d'emballage en mono-PE de 75 µm a at-teint un rendement de 60 sachets par minute lors du test d'application avec un processus de ther-moscellage sur la machine ROVEMA BVC 310 Liquid. Les données de production correspondent à une quantité de remplissage de 950 cm3 dans un sachet coussin soudure chair/chairt (longueur 250 mm), un emballage de ketchup typique pour le secteur de la restauration.


ROVEMA takes over inno-tech and Prins Verpakkingstechniek and Engineering

The ROVEMA family continues to grow! With the acquisitions of inno-tech and Prins Verpakkingstechniek und Engineering (short: Prins) on March 01, ROVEMA strengthens its expertise in stainless steel machinery and new applications and can address new customer groups. In addition, ROVEMA not only gains well-trained specialists, but also additional production space in the immediate vicinity of the main production site in Fernwald. All employees at the sites in Reiskirchen (DE) and Veenendaal (NL) will be taken into the Rovema group.


ROVEMA takes over Hassia India

On July 16th, 2020, ROVEMA signed an agreement to acquire Hassia Packaging Pvt. Ltd. (hereafter Hassia India). Hassia India was previously part of the IMA S.p.A. Group. The company is firmly established in the mid-price segment, especially in Asia and Africa and, like ROVEMA, is very active in the food segment. In addition to classic Vertical Form, Fill and Seal machines, Hassia India manufactures technologically powerful multilane sachet Form, Fill and Seal machines, e.g. for packaging liquid detergents or cosmetic products in sachets.


Efficient and sustainable packaging of liquids

ROVEMA BVC 310 Liquid is now available with a fitment option for use in portion dispensers.

Liquid and pasty products or products preserved in oil or vinegar have one thing in common: they are frequently used in the food service sector and must be quickly, efficiently and safely transportable, storable and usable.


ROVEMA at Interpack 2020

Hall 15, booth B24
ROVEMA will be presenting a fraction of their comprehensive product range at Interpack 2020. Seven exhibits will be demonstrated on the exhibition stand including two lines from innovative product infeed to further developed final packing machines for Wraparound. The main focus this year will be the good preparation of current machines for their future packing tasks. Examples of sustainable packaging, flexibility and investment reliability of ROVEMA machines will be demonstrated. Retrofitting and modification of existing machines to allow the usage of recyclable packing materials will be an important aspect for most customers. The ROVEMA Life Cycle Service team and our international colleagues at the exhibition stand are looking forward to seeing you and are at your disposal to answer all your queries.


ROVEMA takes over DL Packaging BV

As of 9th January 2020 DL Packaging has become part of the ROVEMA group. DL Packaging is a leading company for retrofit VFFS machines and relevant supplies. The product and service port-folio is flanked by a simple own vertical Form, Fill and Seal machine in the medium price segment.


An attractive future-proof appearance at the Point of Sale - with the Rovema BVC 260 Flexible

Rovema manufacturer of packaging machines will be exhibiting at Fachpack 2019 with sophisticated solutions for packing sweets. Main exhibit will be the continuous motion Vertical Form Fill and Seal machine BVC 260 Flexible, which has recently been awarded with Hershey’s Supplier Excellence Award for Innovation.


Hershey remet le prix de l’excellence 2019 à Rovema

Rovema GmbH située à Fernwald a recu le prix de l’excellence par Hershey pour ses innovations. Cette récompense, remise lors de la conférence annuelle Hershey Supplier Summit en mai, est la reconnaissance attribuée à Rovema pour l’introduction des sachets style Doypack (SUPs) pour une grande variété de confiseries de la marque du fabricant.


ROVEMA GmbH welcomes international guests

At the annual sales meeting in February, more than 70 employees and representatives of ROVEMA from the EMEA area (Europe, Middle East and Africa) met to discuss current developments and innovations. After a very successful fiscal year 2018, with a turnover of 110 million Euros, ROVEMA plans a further increase in turnover for 2019.


BVC 145 TwinTube, la machine la plus rapide de ROVEMA avec un débit de plus de 500 sachets par minute et sans compromis

ROVEMA présente sa nouvelle machine BVC 145 TwinTube, une solution sophistiquée inédite pour l'emballage de confiseries et snacks pour espaces très réduits. Jusqu'à 500 sachets coussins parfaits à la minute grâce à la technologie innovante ROVEMA Twin Tube.


ROVEMA GmbH extends production capacities

With a ceremonial laying of the foundation stone together with 60 invited guests, the construction of the new assembly hall, measuring 3.300 m², has started. As of June 2019 the final assembly of the packaging machines and –lines will take place in the new building at ROVEMA’s headquarter in Fernwald, Germany.


Fachpack 2018
ROVEMA Touchpoint Packaging – integrated system for placing confectionary at POS

ROVEMA manufacturer of packaging machines will be exhibiting at Fachpack 2018 with a sophisticated solution for packing sweets. A typical application for packaging into attractive point of sale display boxes will be shown, each containing 12 scaled lying 25g bags. ROVEMA as Touchpoint for the confectionary industry.



Munich, 09.03.2018 – ROVEMA was a winner of this year’s iF DESIGN AWARD, a world-renowned design prize. The winning product, ROVEMA HMI, won in the discipline communication in the apps/software category. The award ceremony “iF Design Award Night” took place in BMW World Munich. 2000 guests from 36 countries celebrated the creative winners from various categories.


User-oriented and intuitive – the new ROVEMA HMI

As of 2017, ROVEMA machines are equipped with a new, modern user interface. Combined with the high-performing ROVEMA P@ck-Control software, the ROVEMA HMI ensures the machines’ easy and safe operation. The ROVEMA HMI has already twice received awards in design and communication, and has received the Red Dot Award (2017) and iF Design Award (2018).


An attractive future-proof appearance at the Point of Sale – with the ROVEMA BVC 260 Flexible

ROVEMA GmbH manufacturer of the continuous motion Vertical Form Fill and Seal machine BVC 260 Flexible offers a future-proof and efficient variant to pack lumpy and granulated products for various industries. The ROVEMA BVC 260 Flexible allows maximum flexibility in bag designs and can also produce Doypack-like RoPack bags with longitudinal zip. The machine offers high efficiency with convincing bag quality. Just product, bag shape and packaging materials limit the machine’s output rate. Depending on the specific application, up to 105 RoPack bags with longitudinal zip can be produced per minute


Une communication gagnante : ROVEMA GmbH reçoit un prix Red Dot pour la grande qualité de conception de son interface homme-machine

Le jury du Red Dot Award : Communication Design 2017 a rendu sa décision. Au cours d'un processus s’étendant sur plusieurs jours, les 24 experts ont évalué la créativité et les travaux en matière de communication menés par les agences, designers et sociétés de 50 pays participants. ROVEMA peut être fière : la société a reçu le prix Red Dot pour sa nouvelle interface homme-machine (IHM), conçue par HMI Project, en reconnaissance de son inventivité et de la grande qualité de ses travaux de conception.