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High machine availability and easy maintenance
700 million pasta bags in 30 years

Long and short cut pasta products are popular all over the world. They were probably invented independently of each other in China and the Mediterranean region. However, a 4000-year-old pasta pot found in China in 2005 gives the Asians the honour of being the first “pasta inventors”. Today, however, we associate pasta primarily with Italy. There are almost 600 types of pasta in the world, 200 of which come from Italy alone. The traditional Mediterranean food began its triumphal procession in Germany in the sixties of the last century. But pasta is also very popular further north.

Myllyn Paras is a traditional Finnish company that manufactures, markets and distributes flour, flakes, cereals and pasta as well as frozen dough and bakery products. The company was founded in 1928 and today employs about 110 people. The group’s two factories are located in the city of Hyvinkää, 50 kilometers from Helsinki. In Finland, Myllyn Paras is among the best-known food brands and market leader for pasta. The group serves the Finnish market and also exports its products internationally.
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Stand-up paper bags easily retrofitted

In close cooperation with Sappi, ROVEMA developed a stand-up paper bag for the confectionery industry. Special focus was placed on a flexible retrofit offer for existing customers, because paper packaging is often first tested in smaller batches or for specific distribution channels. In addition, there is still a lot of movement in the market, packaging materials are regularly being further developed, and the requirements of governments in countries, e.g. with regard to recycling quotas, have also become more stringent in recent years.
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ROVEMA feature in The WiderView

Tackling the multi-material and sustainability challenges
Demand for sustainable packaging solutions is continuously growing. Consumers nowadays often demand paper packaging for their products, which poses a range of challenges to packaging machines. Sometimes, of course, flexible plastics packaging, especially monomaterials, remain a better packaging material both from a sustainability and functionality point of view. Here, the flexibility of being able to seamlessly switch between paper and flexible plastics is key.

Elisabeth Skoda discusses the challenges and opportunities when it comes to packaging demanding products in both plastics and paper with ROVEMA, and looks at trends and solutions in the sector.
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