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Ligne d'emballage compacte pour mueslis et céréales pour petit-déjeuner

Etes vous à la recherche d’une manière efficace d’emballer votre muesli ou vos céréales petit-déjeuner ? Cette ligne d’emballage compacte vient juste de quitter notre atelier et emballera 400g de muesli en sachet mis…

Success Story
Succes Story Bernbacher – Switch flexibly between plastic film and paper

ROVEMA packaging lines are designed for maximum flexibility and offer high investment security, especially for ever-changing, demanding packaging tasks and new packaging material trends.

Solutions d’emballage
ROVEMA BVC 260: 70 fully recyclable stand-up coffee packs with aroma valve per minute

ROVEMA at Fachpack 2022: Hall 4 / booth 278. Future-proof multi-talent offers fast and reproducible recipe changeover without significant loss of performance ...

Réseaux sociaux
ROVEMA GmbH accueille enfin des invités internationaux à Giessen.

A l’occasion de la réunion commerciale annuelle, près de 70 employés de Rovema GmbH provenant de 12 pays différents se sont rencontrés avant la pause ...

Two synchronized ROVEMA BVC 180 baggers packing salt into LDPE

These two ROVEMA BVC 180 VFFS just left our shop floor and will be packing salt into 450 g pillow bags made from recyclable LDPE mono material.

ROVEMA BVC – Gentle packaging option for fragile products

Are you looking for an efficient way to pack your fragile biscuits? We pack your sensitive products gently and with all the advantages of vertical packaging from the flat film web, e.g. a small footprint, very free…

Solutions d’emballage
Rovema REVO 3800 S produces up to 130 pillow paper bags per minute for the frozen food industry

Mondi and ROVEMA work very successfully together with a high standard of competence within the frozen food industry

Solutions d’emballage
Rovema BVC 260 produces 80 stand-up paper bags per minute

The multi-talented BVC 260 offers fast and reproducible recipe change without significant loss of performance ...

Success Story
High machine availability and easy maintenance 700 million pasta bags in 30 years

Long and short cut pasta products are popular all over the world. They were probably invented independently of each other in China and the Mediterranean region ...

Solutions d’emballage
Together for packaging efficiency and sustainability

ROVEMA GmbH and A. HATZOPOULOS S.A. join forces to present at the upcoming FOODTECH Greece expo a high performance, recyclable packaging solution, running at full speed at the new ROVEMA inno-tech REVO machine series ...

Solutions d’emballage
Stand-up paper bags easily retrofitted

In close cooperation with Sappi, ROVEMA developed a stand-up paper bag for the confectionery industry ...

Solutions d’emballage
More successful together: inno-tech and ROVEMA bundle competencies for the frozen food industry.

At Fachpack 2021 Rovema will present sophisticated solutions for packaging frozen food and milling products. A continuous motion inno-tech REVO S machine and a ROVEMA SBS packaging system will be exhibited ...

Solutions d’emballage
ROVEMA feature in The WiderView

Tackling the multi-material and sustainability challenges.

Demand for sustainable packaging solutions is continuously growing ...

Solutions d’emballage
Emballer les liquides de manière efficace et durable

Nouveau matériau d'emballage recyclable pour le liquide ROVEMA BVC 310. Avec SOLOTOP PE de National Flexibles, Rovema a testé avec succès un composite multicouche matériellement recyclable avec barrière EVOH ...

Solutions d’emballage
ROVEMA takes over inno-tech and Prins Verpakkingstechniek and Engineering

The ROVEMA family continues to grow! With the acquisitions of inno-tech and Prins Verpakkingstechniek und Engineering (short: Prins) on March 01, ROVEMA strengthens its expertise in stainless steel machinery and new…

Solutions d’emballage
How to package coffee efficiently and sustainably

In our latest Innovation Spotlight, we take a close-up look at ROVEMA's comprehensive solutions for packaging coffee and how the company's solutions can eliminate the need for unnecessary packaging without having to make…

Solutions d’emballage
ROVEMA feature in the WiderView - The sustainable power of flexibles

Vertical form fill and seal machinery expert ROVEMA GmbH explores the challenges and opportunities faced when moving from rigid packaging materials ...

Solutions d’emballage
ROVEMA prend le contrôle de Hassia India

Le 16 juillet, ROVEMA a signé un accord pour l'acquisition de Hassia Packaging Pvt. Ltd. (ci-après Hassia India) ...

Solutions d’emballage
Efficient and sustainable packaging of liquids

ROVEMA BVC 310 Liquid is now available with a fitment option for use in portion dispensers ...

Solutions d’emballage
ROVEMA takes over DL Packaging BV

As of 9th January 2020 DL Packaging has become part of the ROVEMA group. DL Packaging is a leading company for retrofit VFFS machines and relevant supplies ...

FachPack 2019: An attractive future-proof appearance at the Point of Sale – with the Rovema BVC 260 Flexible

ROVEMA manufacturer of packaging machines will be exhibiting at Fachpack 2019 with sophisticated solutions for packing sweets. Main exhibit will be the continuous motion Vertical Form Fill and Seal machine BVC 260…