Frozen Food Packaging

Precise fitting solutions from dosing to final packaging

Meat and fish products containing protein, single-variety vegetables, fruit or even mixtures such as ready-to-eat products – we offer solutions for packaging frozen food. We take into account the requirements of fragile products as well as your wishes regarding bag shape and packaging material. Our experts advise you comprehensively drawn from decades of application knowledge from dosing to transport through to optimized final packaging solutions.

  • Fit for frozen: Hygienic frame concept with heated IP 65 electrical cabinet
  • Machine-related efficiency: up to 99%
  • High speed: Up to 150 pillow bags/min and 105 Doypack-like Stand-up pouches with Zip (RoPack)
  • Quality: Robust stainless steel machine design, made in Germany


  • Future proof: Suitable for a wide variety of bag shapes
  • Versatile: Prepared for production with polyethylene films, laminated films, as well as paper packaging materials
  • Minimal operator intervention: Autonomous machine operation thanks to automatic packing material change- over and Sense&Seal product detection

120 bags/min *


120 bags/min *


110 bags/min *

Chicken Nuggets

60 bags/min *

Ready meals

100 bags/min *


100 bags/min *


* Output rates mentioned are indicative. Actual performance depends on technical specification and individual application.

Presentation at the POS

Choose your bag style. Whether classically lying in the freezer or standing on the shelf – in the retail trade frozen products are presented in different ways. ROVEMA machines offer you a variety of packaging styles produced from one machine: From low-air pillow bags through to representative re-closable stand-up pouches, everything is available.

Lying presentation in the freezer

Standing presentation on the freezer shelf

Flexible choice of packaging material

High packaging speeds challenge the machine and the packaging material. With increasingly sensitive consumer behavior in terms of sustainability, future- proof technologies that can be easily adapted are needed. Whether recyclable mono materials, stable coextruded special films or paper- all weldable and heat-sealable packaging materials* can be used efficiently on ROVEMA machines thanks to the flexibly adaptable equipment.

* packaging materials from the flat film web from 30 μm material thickness or 75 g/m² area weight