Perfectly matched dosing systems

Individual dosing of products – economical and with high accuracy.

Sophisticated dosing systems which adapt to the product, ensure an efficient filling process. Depending on the specific requirements, filling and dosing can be designed as a continuous or intermittent process. Our dosing systems are perfectly matched to your requirements and can be easily integrated into your systems.

Volumetric cup feeder VDD

The economical way of dosing

Designed for chunky and granulated free-flowing products such as rice, short cut pasta, peanuts, pulses, chocolate lentils or sugar.

To the volumetric cup feeder VDD

Auger Doser SDH

Auger dosing in hygienic design

Nearly all kinds of powdery and fine grained products, like milk powder, coffee, spices, sugar and chemicals can be processed.

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Auger Weigher SDH-W

Weight-accurate, dust-free dosing

Weight-accurate, dust-free dosing with the ROVEMA SDH-W auger weigher.

To the auger weigher SDH-W

Collect, buffer and feed system CBF

Collect, buffer and feed system

ROVEMA‘s creative feeding system offers flexible options for chunky food or non-food parts and components.

To the collect, buffer and feed system CBF