Remote service for your packaging machine

Rapid problem solution through remote diagnostics

Your production never stops, delivery obligations are of immense significance – suddenly your machine displays an error message, or the packaging is faulty, which possibly suggests improper settings in the recipe. The search for the error begins – production must stop, the on-site technical personnel cannot continue without help, and a service technician must be engaged – valuable time passes until they arrive. We can help you to minimize this time and cost: With the experts of the ROVEMA Remote Service, you always have a competent contact at your side, who can eliminate faults rapidly from a different location.


with ROVEMA Remote Service

in 4 easy Steps

Modern teleservice

ROVEMA Remote Service works by telephone via the support hotline, mobile communications, or using a VPN connection on the Internet. This means that our service experts, in conjunction with your technical management or the operating personnel, can communicate in an effective and targeted manner, thus eliminating many obstacles to streamline troubleshooting procedures for all parties involved. When using the VPN connection, necessary software updates can also be transmitted and installed in an equally straightforward manner over large geographical distances.

Today, digital development over recent years has allowed a completely new kind of support using smartphones and data glasses. The sharing of videos and even live video transmission using these tools allow a sense of “look over the shoulder” support remotely. Thanks to image transmission, the ROVEMA service technician can see what problem the operator has, diagnose possible causes of error, and provide the first instructions for eliminating the problem. This concept of "helping you to help yourself" allows the operating personnel to eliminate problems quickly under professional instruction, increasing machine availability.

ROVEMA Remote Service offers you the best possible support using existing and modern digital tools.