ROVEMA Training

Sustainably successful

Offer your employees more than just instruction!

Get long term profit from a trained team and use your machines to the maximum. The ROVEMA training offer has a modular structure, allowing flexible adaption to your requirements. Theory and practice are optimally intertwined, simplifying operation and routine maintenance work on your machine.

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Induction course at your machine as part of commissioning

With the commissioning of your machine, you will receive an induction course at your machine for your operators. This contains a brief introductory course on the operation of the machine and is always included in the purchase of a ROVEMA machine.

Content of an induction course:

  • Get to know safety instructions
  • Be introduced to product/format change
  • Get familiar with the operating manual
  • Understand standard daily routine

Professional training modules

The innovative, multimedia training course content is tailored to the prior knowledge of the user and offers practical and interdisciplinary special knowledge in the fields of operation as well as mechanical and electrical maintenance.

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BASIC Operation

  • Understand the ROVEMA machine concept
  • Learn standard operation procedure
  • Gain confidence in machine operation
  • Ensure process quality

ADVANCED mechanical maintenance

  • Benefit from preventive maintenance concepts
  • Ensure machine sustainability
  • Get familiar with the ROVEMA parts portfolio
  • Gain experience in fault identification and repair

EXPERT electrical maintenance

  • Explore the impact of electrical components in operation
  • Expand understanding of machine control system
  • Get program knowledge for quick trouble solution (P@ckControl or Allen-Bradley)
  • Discover opportunities with ROVEMA diagnostics concept

Seminars and workshops in Fernwald

Benefit from the complementary ROVEMA training program. Our seminars and workshops impart special knowledge on key topics such as packaging materials, general form-, fill and seal technology, maintenance and auger dosing. The complementary ROVEMA training program has general validity and is not only designed for the machine personnel, but for anyone interested in these topics!

COMPLEMENTARY Seminars and workshops

  • Consolidate understanding of maintenance principles
  • Improve knowledge of Form Fill and Seal technology
  • Discover dosing auger systems
  • Ensure packaging material quality