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From baby food to coffee and cereals: packaging is an important factor for success for all manufacturers in the food and non-food sector. Good packaging will not only help to sell and protect the product, but it will also ensure efficient handling in packaging and logistics processes all the way to the end consumer. Since the company was founded in 1957, the desire to fulfil this aspiration has been the motivation that has driven ROVEMA to constantly deliver better solutions that allow our customers to package their goods quickly, efficiently and gently. Impress at the point of sale.


Children's foods are among the most sensitive products in the food sector. Traceability and highest quality standards are part of the industry standard. That is why experience and know-how are required when packing in flexible bags or cartons.

Special: Infant nutrition

Coffee and Tea

Protection and saving the aroma – important demands when packaging coffee and tea. Nevertheless, the bags shall look attractively and gain attention. Loose tea in bags or tea bags in cartons, ground coffee, as whole beans or as pads – with decades of experience ROVEMA offers you a whole range of packaging machines. Protective treatment of the product like valve or gas flushing is available – protecting the product from the unfavourable influence of oxygen.

Special: Coffee


In the Middle Ages and the first modern times pepper was so valuable that it was made up with gold. Even today spices are a very expensive product, generally packed in small amounts of 5 to 30 gram. Consequentially, weight accuracy is an important factor here.

Sugar and Salt

Sugar and salt – two opposite products that have a lot in common. At least when it comes to packaging both products are free-flowing, abrasive, hygroscopic and generate only little dust.

Two synchronized Rovema BVC 180 baggers packing salt into LDPE


A spotless presentation of flour packages at the POS. The ROVEMA Vacuum-Powder Filler allows compact and dust-free packaging of flour with very little formation of dust. Furthermore, ROVEMA machines can efficiently and resource-friendly process a wide variety of packaging materials, even paper from the flat film web.

ROVEMA SBS 250 Single: Packaging of flour

Cake Mixtures

Powdery products like cake mixtures, dessert powder, gelatine and others do require a special know-how when it comes to packaging. Most important is the minimization of the formation of powder. Since the products are relatively expensive, it is also important to guarantee highest weight accuracy in combination with maximum performance.


Chips, flips, pretzels, salt sticks or nuts - there is something for every taste - and ROVEMA has the appropriate solution when it comes to packaging. Machines that pack in a product-saving, quick and save way with the necessary flexibility for design and weight. Solutions for demanding and attractive packaging shapes that attract attention at the Point of Sale are also available.


The first machine built by ROVEMA in 1957 was a horizontally working packaging machine for the packing of spaghetti. So pasta is our passion, which makes us specialists for it. Pasta of every kind is packed with the most different machines - worldwide. All of them are tailored to the customers' specific requirements regarding design, type of packing and performance.

Special: Pasta


For these products high-speed, creativity and flexibility are requested. The ROVEMA two axes form, fill and seal machine BVC180 is consequently created for the needs of the confectionary industry. Thanks to a precise linear motor technology the machine is extremely efficient, compact, flexible and of quick reaction.


In general, highly sensitive biscuits require a special treatment when being packed. Furthermore, the type of packing has to be appetizing, high-quality and attractive. Especially for biscuits ROVEMA offers a wide range of solutions that serve even highest demands - of course also with filling at the conveyor belt. Absolutely interesting are the different bag top shapes that distinguish your product from the competitors and ensure a high recognition value.


Rice is one of the most important useful plants on earth. For more than half of the world’s population it is the main food. In many Asiatic languages the words for rice and meal are identical – a clear sign that this plant has the highest significance for the nutrition on the Asiatic continent. The history of rice growing in South-East-Asia goes back up to 7000 years. By cultivation to different climate circumstances and conditions more than 8000 kinds of rice exist today.


Cereals with chocolate flakes, dried fruit or nuts are mostly packed as bulk. During this process there is always a production of dust, however, ROVEMA has the right solution to this problem. Single machines and complete packaging lines of ROVEMA for cereals, also as bag-in-box, are running all over the world. Quick, safe and efficient, since high performances are reached even at big volumes.

Dried Food / Nuts

Dried dates, figs and raisins were indispensable food during the caravans' crossings through the desert throughout millenniums. In Europe dried fruit was also one of the most important sources of vitamins during the winter months. Today dried food is increasingly used as a snack or as ingredient in the kitchen. For the packaging of almost all sorts of dried fruit ROVEMA has a long-standing experience.


Whether it is packing cheese pieces in Stabilo-Seal bags, packing grated cheese in RoPack bags (Doypack style), with or without zip re-closure, or standard pillow bags for cheese cubes, ROVEMA always has a solution for your packaging request.


Pack potatoes with ROVEMA.

Special: Fresh Produce


Pack carrots with ROVEMA.


Special: Fresh Produce


Pack onions with ROVEMA.

Special: Fresh Produce


Pack oranges with ROVEMA.

Special: Fresh Produce


Pack berries with ROVEMA.

Special: Frozen Food


Pack vegetables with ROVEMA.

Special: Frozen Food

Chicken Nuggets

Pack chicken nuggets with ROVEMA.

Special: Frozen Food

Ready meals

Pack ready meals with ROVEMA.

Spezial: Frozen Food


Pack shrimps with ROVEMA.

Special: Frozen Food


Pack fries with ROVEMA.

Special: Frozen Food

Liquid and paste-like products

For liquid and paste-like products including solid parts we offer low-air bags with a filling level of 100%. Our machines can process all customary films.


Special: Liquids

Dry food

Economic packaging is the magic word. Especially for pet food high performances with safe seals, even with thick laminates, are requested. More and more aroma safety is integrated with re-closure possibilities. No problem for the ROVEMA form, fill and seal machines that enable an effective production with a seal pressure up to 8000 N.

BVC 400 packs pet food into Stabilo bags with zip

Chemical powders

Chemical powders like admixtures for pet food, fertilizers or pesticides require a special handling when being packed. These products are powdery, mostly toxic, partly explosive and above all they are expensive.

ROVEMA has a long-term experience in handling chemical products where a special focus has to be not only on reaching a high weight accuracy but on explosion protection.


Screws, CDs, window screeners, vacuum cleaner bags or mini toys - everything has to be packed in a user-friendly and shelf-ready way. ROVEMA offers single machines and complete packaging lines for the most different products - according to your needs and requirements.

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