Second Life for your packaging machine

General overhaul of ROVEMA machines – ready for a new lease of life!

After decades of production, existing machines often cannot offer their former availability levels and consume more energy. An extension of the First Life through pure software updates, format changes or upgrades of individual components is no longer economically viable. Therefore, eventually, these machines are replaced with new ones. However, depending on the individual situation, the ROVEMA Second Life offer makes it possible to refit existing machines with new state-of-the-art technologies and engineering – thus maintaining them in the production cycle.

Networking with the future

In the general overhaul of an old ROVEMA machine, the replacement of drive components, renewal of worn parts and the modernization of the control to ROVEMA P@ck-Control sets the course for enabling the digital networking of production processes. Tried and trusted mechanics are supplemented with modern sensor technology, making used machines fit for the future in the age of Industry 4.0 with regard to the recording, analysis and evaluation of the relevant machine data. After a general overhaul, a ROVEMA machine is ready for the future and for a second machine life!

Unifying functionality and efficiency

The installation of the latest components in a ROVEMA machine after a general overhaul means that its performance and energy balance can stand up well when compared to an identical new machine. Our machines have short delivery times and can be integrated quickly into existing production processes by your operating personnel, as the familiar, user-friendly functionality remains intact. Individual machine requirements, such as formats for new bag shapes, the use of sustainable packaging materials or additional applications, such as valves or zip strips, are already taken into account during the offer and project design phase. You will receive tailor-made solutions. In addition, original spare parts and services will be available to you in the normal quality in the second life cycle of the machine as well.

Looking after resources in a sustainable manner – maintaining values

Through the part exchange and renewal of older ROVEMA machines, we as a company can make a decisive contribution to the protection of resources by recycling a large part of the components and adding all raw materials to the recycling chain – thus reusing them. Do you have a limited budget but still want to set up a new production facility in the shortest possible time or expand your current machine park?

We can support you in maintaining your investment value and running your business sustainably. We can offer a wide range of options with the ROVEMA Second Life offer. Since January 2020, the Dutch company DL Packaging has been a part of the ROVEMA Group and supplements our portfolio of products and services with used machines of various levels of overhaul in the middle price segment.

Are you interested in a overhauled packaging machine?

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*DL Packaging is a subsidiary of Rovema GmbH