Code of Ethics

Doing the right thing

Achieving our goals by playing by the rules and making decisions that are fair and ethical and reflect our values and behaviors also means being enkelfähig (grandchildable). We believe that behaving according to the rules and with integrity is the foundation for a sustainable business model that creates value for generations.

In our 60-year history, as in the future, the key factors for our success are a high level of creative energy and a willingness to take entrepreneurial risks and do things differently. What anchors and guides us at all times are the ROVEMA values - they define who we are and ensure that we protect and preserve our most valuable asset: our reputation as a valued, fair and trustworthy employer and business partner.

Sustainable and responsible action, social responsibility towards our own company, customers and suppliers, the environment and society is something we also demand from our business partners. Our minimum standards can be found in the ROVEMA Business Partner Code of Ethics.

At the heart of these values is our commitment to the highest standards of integrity and ethical behavior. This doesn't just mean complying with the law - that's a given. It also means "doing the right thing" by following some simple ethical principles to make good decisions.

The ROVEMA Code of Ethics describes the principles to which we are committed in our business.

Report an incident

If there are any indications of a violation of laws or the principles of the ROVEMA Code of Ethics, you have the possibility to inform us at any time.

The "SpeakUp" portal is available to all external parties. You can access our electronic, multilingual whistleblower system via this link.

All tips received are carefully reviewed and addressed by the ROVEMA Compliance Team. ROVEMA is committed to maintaining confidentiality and protecting those who raise concerns from retaliation. For more information, please see the FAQs.

Reporting violations internally can help resolve issues more quickly, because the internal reporting office is familiar with internal procedures and structures, and actions can be taken more quickly.

However, we explicitly point out that every informant has the free right to choose between the company's internal reporting office of the company and external reporting office of the federal government.

For ROVEMA employees

As an employee of ROVEMA, you may contact multiple contacts at any time if you are unsure or wish to report a concern.

A detailed overview of all (also anonymous) reporting options can be found on the ROVEMA intranet, including the respective contact and access data.