Case studies

Success stories with our customers

The case studies of our successful cooperation with customers show the benefits of using our packaging machines. Through efficiency gains, cost savings and quality improvements our customers have been able to strengthen their competitiveness and increase their business success. We are proud to help our customers achieve their goals and build a long-term and successful partnership.


Packaging process significantly improved

MAMUT POLSKA S.A. has been in existence for over 150 years. Today it is one of the largest Polish bakeries and specializes in the production of long-life bakery and confectionery products. MAMUT POLSKA S.A. is the market leader in breadcrumbs, rusks and croutons and sells through three strategic channels: retail, B2B and HoReCa (hotel, restaurant and catering).

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Successful change of packaging

From plastic to paper – a packaging change and its challenges. And why everything went smoothly in the end. Anyone who manufactures a product in its fifth generation certainly knows his stuff. Experience, knowledge transfer and internal expertise are indispensable factors in modern industrial production. If you add dedication and love to the product, the inclined observer quickly understands why the family-run pasta manufacturer Bernbacher does not stop at the pure product – but also thinks about the packaging: The pasta product range “Organic Spelt“, “Organic Durum Wheat“, “Spelt“ and “Whole Grain“ will from now on find their way onto the shelves in new paper packaging.

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Myllyn Paras

High machine availability and easy maintenance

Myllyn Paras is a traditional Finnish company that manufactures, markets and distributes flour, flakes, cereals and pasta as well as frozen dough and bakery products. The company was founded in 1928 and today employs about 110 people.


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Bauckhof organic mill

Teamwork for sustainable packaging

The Demeter farm Bauckhof packs gluten-free flakes and flours in paper bags. With the help of the ROVEMA SBS Twin packaging machine, it is easy to switch between different bag top shapes, packaging materials and format sizes – including block bottom bags.

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Quaker Oats

Efficient Bag-in-Box system

Since 1990 Quaker Oats has been packaging six different Cruesli cereal products for the European market with ROVEMA machines. A Bag-in-Box line acquired in 2005, consisting of two Vertical Form, Fill and Seal machines and a Horizontal Cartoner, has now been extensively modernized. The conversion of the existing machine was necessary – Quaker Oats must continue to rely firmly on the availability of the machine and its compatibility with interfaces.

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Altmühltaler Teigwaren

A long term partnership

Per capita sales of pasta in Germany are growing slightly. Anyone who wants to score in this market now must rely on good raw materials and sustainable packaging. The switch from plastic to paper packaging currently promises success with customers on pasta shelves. Therefore: keep your eyes open when choosing packaging technology!

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La Molisana

A successful cooperation

A traditional Italian company trusts the experience of a German packaging company when packing its premium pasta: packREPORT took a look at the long-term partnership between La Molisana S.p.A. and ROVEMA GmbH on-site.

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LT Foods

Uncomplicated cooperation

LT Foods is a listed company business located in India and belongs to the leading suppliers of Basmati-rice. LT Foods is represented in more than 65 countries worldwide and takes care of the entire supply chain: from farm field-rice milling, to processing, to packaging and distribution to the stores.

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