Upgrade Kits for your packaging machine

Optimise your Form Fill and Seal machines

Upgrade kits offer a cost-effective way to improve your packaging machines. They enable an increase in performance, increase flexibility and adaptability, improve the quality of the end product and facilitate maintenance. With our upgrade kits you can increase the efficiency of your packaging processes and strengthen your competitiveness in the market.

Your advantages

  • Increased performance: Retrofit kits enable a targeted increase in the performance of your packaging machines. By using modern technologies and components, you can increase production speed and reduce downtime. With our retrofit kits, you can significantly increase the efficiency of your existing packaging machines.
  • Flexibility and adaptability: Our retrofit kits allow you to act more flexibly. Depending on the requirements of your products or changes in market trends, you can implement new retrofit kits to support different packaging sizes and formats. This allows you to be more versatile in your production.
  • Quality improvement: Our retrofit kits also offer the opportunity to improve the quality of your packaging. Increase customer satisfaction with high-quality packaging results.
  • Maintenance and servicing: Another advantage of our retrofit kits is that they make it easier to maintain and service your packaging machines. Increase the uptime of your packaging machines.

You need spare parts or want to upgrade your machine?

With our upgrade kits, you have many options to optimise your machines and maximise efficiency.

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