Tempered dosing augers

Dosing augers are often subject to increased requirements. The abrasive properties of the packaged goods, but also other events during normal operation can lead to the dosing auger wearing out and having to be replaced earlier than usual. In order to ensure a long shelf life and reliable dosing accuracy even for difficult packaging tasks, ROVEMA offers dosing augers with a particularly hardened stainless steel alloy. This alloy also effectively prevents product contamination by flow chips.

For even more product protection and comfort during dosing we additionally recommend the ROVEMA product safety system ACM.

Tempered dosing augers offer you

  • Reduction of wear and the risk of product contamination by flow chips to a minimum
  • significantly longer service life
  • less changing of the auger thanks to longer durability
  • Reduction of downtimes and the risk of production loss
  • Ensuring dosing and weight accuracy

Scope of delivery:

  • tempered dosing augers in the same size and design as existing one

We would also be pleased to make you an offer for a complete auger format set with tempered auger including tube and corresponding closure as already available in your machine.