Think across generations

We do not believe that corporate social responsibility is simply a matter of following regulations and legal requirements. Instead, we believe that we have a duty to do more for the sake of our employees. This includes the creation of training positions as well as continuing the education and cooperation with regional universities. Comprehensive employee offerings in the field of occupational retirement provision and health management support our employees both, on and off the job.

The big picture

For ROVEMA responsible development means working very carefully with available resources and protecting the environment in the process. Our products and systems become economically sustainable by the use of innovative technologies that enable the processing of regrowing, renewable packaging materials. This also includes the reduction of energy consumption and the optimization of packaging volumes. With an optimized design for the transport packaging, the CO2 emissions are reduced on route.

Product quality must be protected especially for perishables and baby foods, durability and safety is our number one priority. Maintaining high quality after production, combined with modern and efficient packaging processes, drastically reduces product losses and saves packaging material resources.

Acting in modern times means taking responsibility for people and the environment.

Supply Chain

Packaging material savings and lower transport volumes through compact and transport-optimized packaging forms

Sustainable Packaging

Use of alternative packaging materials made of plastic or paper; packaging material savings through reduction of sealing seam widths and innovative sealing technologies

Safe Food

Prolonging the shelf life of food products through controlled leak tightness and packaging processes that are gentle on the product

Save Energy

Energy and compressed air savings through efficient drives, optimized movements, and reduced masses. Energy savings through efficient sealing processes