Gassing with proportional valves

Optimize your gas consumption and save time and costs through simple, reproducible processes!

Many products are treated with protective gas during packaging. When changing over to other packaging forms or pack sizes, the setting of the gas flushing quantity was previously an additional manual changeover point. For packaging machines with ROVEMA P@ck-Control or Rockwell control we therefore offer an integrated and time-saving solution by which the gas quantity can be set and stored according to the recipe. A recipe change automatically includes the precise gas flushing quantity required for the new packaging task. Furthermore, the gas flow rate is recorded, displayed and compared against a limit value. An obstructed or bent line can thus be detected and leads to an alarm. By using interfaces such as OPC-UA, the gas flow rate can also be recorded via the machine control system and forwarded to higher-level systems.

The gassing with proportional valves offers you:

  • savings potential in gas consumption
  • Simple parameter setting via operating displayv
  • Time savings when changing recipes through automatic loading of gas values
  • lower risk of incorrect settings
  • Overview of gas consumption at any time
  • recipe-dependent adjustable values for pre- and post-gassing duration at machine stop

A retrofit kit includes:

  • Housing for the gassing device
  • three, four or five proportional valves
  • Pressure reducer for the gas supply line
  • new gas pipes from the device to the product supply
  • Installation material
  • Software adaptation