Servo-driven unwind device

Your production requires a high standard of hygiene?
You want to minimize safety risks and enhance ergonomics of your staff?

ROVEMA offers you a servo-driven unwind device for a substantial optimization of production processes.

The unit of motor and belt, usually lying on the film roll, is replaced by a servo drive placed laterally beside the film roll, ensuring an optimal and precise film infeed.

Cost efficiency & hygiene
You will benefit from a long-term cost reduction as classic wearing parts as the drawing belts are no longer required. A contamination of the film through abrasion of the belt is impossible, so you can correspond optimally to high hygiene standards.

Enhanced ergonomics
The lateral position of the servo drive is an essential improvement of workplace ergonomics as employees have better access during film changes. You will create more working comfort, optimize your processes and reduce downtimes.

An upgrade kit contains:

  • support for unwind device with detection units
  • unwind device with drive unit
  • servo converter, cables and accessories
  • ultrasonic reflex sensor for measuring of residual film quantity
  • one pneumatic film reel shaft