Short cut pasta

Flexibility counts: Pasta of a variety of shapes can be attractively and functionally packaged

Noodles are a globally popular staple food and are available in many different variations: short, long, filled and unfilled, dried and fresh. This product variety leads to very different demands on the packaging.

ROVEMA are specialists in the packaging of fresh pasta and dried short cut pasta. Packaging machines for these segments must be able to pack large production quantities quickly and in a space-saving manner. As complete packaging lines comprise of a dosing system (VDD), primary (BVC) and secondary packaging (EE, ELS, EPU). Completely configured as a turnkey system from a single source.

The packaging is decisive for success on the shelf. This is where quality and flexibility count, as it is important to be able to change quickly to different bag (top) shapes and sizes for effective advertising.

Productivity does not fall by the wayside. The ROVEMA SBS block packers are also available as a high-speed version with an output rate of up to 160 bags per minute. With this high speed SBS TWIN a maximum number of noodles can be packed in a minimum of space.

The product infeed and dosing can be easily adapted to the type of pasta. Large dried pasta specialities are often fragile and must be transported into the bag very gently. Fresh pasta for the refrigerated counter often sticks to the dosing and filling units and needs product-specific additional equipment such as a coated filling tube or a special transfer station.

Consumers like to use re-closure options for durable dried pasta. ROVEMA offers different equipment options and can realise several bag options on only one line thanks to the modular machine design.

In addition, pasta is predestined for new alternative paper packaging materials - e.g. kraft paper for dried pasta and mono materials with barrier properties for fresh pasta. On ROVEMA machines the processing of these new packaging materials, e.g. kraft paper, is possible without any problems! Also retrofits on existing machines have been carried out several times successfully and with little effort, see Case Study Altmühltaler Teigwaren.