Final Packaging Machine EE

For erecting cartons

The quickest way to erect sales and transport packages.
A perfect connection of control and driving technology enables the erecting and lidding of even complex lid geometries from flat blanks.

In combination with appropriate machines for erecting and filling of transport packages or other peripheral equipment a system solution – especially adapted to the requests of the customer – is available.


  • Most precise execution of components, for highest demands of packaging quality.
  • High flexibility even at difficult applications due to different, adjustable partial procedures via user interface
  • Large variety regarding geometry of blanks – for exceptional packaging forms.
  • Touch screen surface with integrated online assistance and online documentation, clear and user-friendly.

Technical Data

*depending on blank
  Dimensions blank Performance*
EE 54 max. 500 x 400 mm up to 65/min
EE 76 max. 700 x 600 mm up to 55/min
EE 98 max. 900 x 800 mm up to 40/min
EE 128 max. 1200 x 800 mm up to 35/min