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Advisory council for the interests of people with disabilities visits Rovema in Fernwald

County Giessen. A severely disabled quota of over six percent and numerous inclusive projects: The advisory board for the interests of people with disabilities in the district of Giessen took this as an opportunity to hold its meeting at Rovema GmbH in Fernwald.
The Rovema team presented its approaches to the employment of people with disabilities. During a guided tour of the manufacturing and production facilities, the members of the advisory board and the head of the social department of the district of Giessen, Frank Ide, were able to get an impression of such a workplace.

The company's representatives for severely disabled employees, Arnold Kulik and Max Busch, gave a first-hand account of their daily work and the challenges it entails. With examples from practice, it became clear how important this work is and what advantage it represents, for example, in attracting and retaining skilled workers.

Further expand offerings

In keeping with the focus of the meeting, Larissa Albohn from the Single Point of Contact for Employers (EAA) presented the newly created advisory service for companies, which is based at the Förderverein für seelische Gesundheit e.V.. She explained how she advises companies when it comes to hiring people with disabilities.

The topic of inclusion is not new to the district administration either. Frank Ide, head of the social affairs department, pointed out: "The district administration has long recognized that inclusion is an advantage in everyday working life. With a severely disabled quota of almost ten percent, it is far above average." Nevertheless, he said, it was important for the district to take further steps as an employer. Therefore, the concept 'The district as an exemplary inclusive employer' was developed to give people who work in workshops a chance on the primary labor market. Frank Ide sees this as a win-win situation: "The district administration is setting a good example. Currently, two people from a workshop for people with disabilities are already doing a trial internship with us. These offers should continue to be expanded more strongly and enable people to find a subsequent training position."

Anyone who would like to find out about opportunities for employing people with disabilities in their own company can contact the specialist advisor for inclusion at the Single Point of Contact for Employers (EAA) by emailing albohn(at) or calling 0641 97576-15. Further information is also available on the EAA website at