Gentle packaging option for fragile products with our BVC

Are you looking for an efficient way to pack your fragile biscuits?
We pack your sensitive products gently and with all the advantages of vertical packaging from the flat film web, e.g. a small footprint, very free choice of packaging material, and much more. Due to the inclined machine execution, your product is protected and still efficiently packed - in the video application 125g cookies with 60 bags per minute.

Especially for this cookie application the BVC 260 was equipped with:

  • Servo-driven unwind device ensures constant web tension and provides ideal conditions for bags with asymmetrical longitudinal seams and the processing of sustainable mono or paper packaging materials.
  • Ultrasonic edge control enables a narrow longitudinal seam in the Stabilo Seal edge for a particularly high-quality bag appearance
  • Ease of operation the swiveling heat shield on the longitudinal sealing tool facilitates minor maintenance and inspection work
  • Standing discharge improves the stability of the pouches, as the folded bottom seam cools under the product weight