Collect, buffer and feed system CBF

Our creative feeding system offers flexible options for chunky food or non-food parts and components

There are nearly no limits to the combination of components: Almost all chunky products, either dosed with volumetric cup feeder, counting machines or scale, can be packed flexibly into a bag or a carton. Identical or mixed units are possible.

The innovative control system also allows individual mixing for batch size 1. Particularly important for the food industry, e.g. for cereals and tea, but also for the pet- and non-food industry, e.g. for weekly food plans or flower sets. The possibilities are virtually endless.


  • Flexible dosing or feeding into chain bags or folding boxes
  • Batch size 1 possible
  • Different lengths of the chain bags possible
  • Volume doser, counting machine or scale can be used
  • Single-variety or mixed filling: e.g. cereals, tea mixtures, pet food, flower bulbs, assembly components ...

The principle

The collect, buffer, feed system is an electromagnetic driven rail bound transport system that positions these buckets under various dosing units. They are filled and then transported and staged (or buffered) to be fed into the VFFS or SBS machine. The system is synchronized with the upstream and downstream units yet each bucket can be controlled independently as well.


1. How flexible is it really?

  • Different filling tactics – mixed and alternating dosing
  • Different cutoff lengths are possible for each package
  • Different specific container designs can be used for different product types
  • Product specific container design
  • Each container can be triggered separately
  • System is expandable for future adaptions

2. What filling components can be used with the CBF?
Volumetric Cup Fillers, Multihead Weighers and Linear Counters/ Weighers are all possible

3. How many shuttles can it have?
Minimum: one shuttle for each filler
Maximum: arbitrary but restricted by length of the maglev and buffer sections

4. How many filling components can be used above it?
From one to fifty, if necessary

5. What are the minimum and maximum dose sizes we can fill?
Dose sizes are variable in size and form, min. 1 pcs max. 5.000 gr per shuttle

6. What about performance conditions?
System needs to be simulated in concept phase to determine speed and feasibility.