Final Packaging Machine EC

For the production of display packagings that are suitable for the store and strong in advertising

Final packaging system EC combines a box erector, a pick & place unit including grouping and a closing unit on a footprint of just 10 m².


  • All individual units are optimally balanced
  • An energy-efficient and wear-reduced packaging process, which at the same time ensures a high level of product protection
  • Small footprint of just 10 m²
  • Up to 30 units can be produced per minute
  1. Discharge of bags according to desired position in tray (face up/face down)
  2. Integrated box erector
  3. Across a conveyor belt, the bags are transported into individual single cases within the buffer indexing chain, ensuring safe and fast transport under the pick & place unit
  4. Positioning of bags within tray in layers; according to defined schema

Technical Data

  length (D) width (C) height (H)
min. 70 mm 70 mm 35 mm
max. 200 mm 150 mm 150 mm