BVC 260/400 Flexible

For highest flexibility in bag shape design

The highlights
  • Pillow bags, Stabilo Seal and Doypack-like Stand-up pouches with Zip (RoPack) on one machine
  • Up to 105 attractive Stand-up pouches with Zip per minute
  • Quick format change between different bag shapes
  • Easy and efficient gassing is possible to extend the shelf life
  • High efficiency and faster cleaning at the closing devices due to Sense & Seal product detection
  • „Stripping“ function for an improved filling volume
  • Particularly suitable for sweets with „double twist“
  • Winner of the Hershey Supplier Excellence Award 2019
BVC 260 Flexible

Use the benefits of vertical packaging with the ROVEMA BVC Flexible machine series.ROVEMA RoPack Beutel

Doypack-like RoPack bags, as visually appealing as horizontally manufactured bags, but with all benefits of vertical packaging: e.g. lower operating costs, higher flexibility and a small footprint.

Various bag applications possible:

e.g. Zip, adhesive tape for reclosing or opening features with laser perforation.

„Stripping“ function for an enhanced filling ratio:

the sealing jaws gently guide the product into the bag; at the same time, the sealing area remains clean and free of product – especially important for products with double twist.

Sense & Seal product detection

protects the sealing tools from dirt and damage – even in case of product within the sealing area. Sense & Seal ensures a high machine availability and consistent seam quality.

No offset in the top seam

through automatic edge control with ultrasonic detection and servo motoric adjustment.

Resource-saving packaging process

due to the vertical continuous process – nearly all compound packaging materials, even in thin packaging qualities, can be processed

Hygienic and quick cleaning through product area being separated from drive area. Space saving integration of additional parts or accessories (e.g. printer, labeler, applicators for reclosures or Zip-bags) possible.

Also available in stainless steel.

Technical Data

BVC 260 Flexible BVC 400 Flexible
RoPack with Zip* RoPack with Zip*
Nominal output up to 105 (B/min.) up to 80 (B/min.)
Sealing force (N) 6000 8000
Format area (mm) stand height up to 260 stand height up to 400

* For other bag shapes technical data of standard BVC applies. Subject to technical changes.
Performance data in dependence of product and packaging material.

Pillow Bag Pillow Bag
Pillow Chainbag Pillow Chainbag
Gusseted Bag Gusseted Bag
Stand-up Pouch Stand-up Pouch
Stabilo Seal Stabilo Seal
Sachet: 3 Side Seal Pouch Sachet: 3 Side Seal Pouch
Sachet: 3 Side Seal Pouch with Zip Sachet: 3 Side Seal Pouch with Zip
Sachet: 4 Side Seal Pouch Sachet: 4 Side Seal Pouch
Sachet: 4 Side Seal Pouch with Zip Sachet: 4 Side Seal Pouch with Zip
RoPack RoPack
RoPack Tape RoPack Tape
RoPack Zip RoPack Zip
More bag styles are available on request.
Product sheet BVC Flexible
BVC Flexible BVC Flexible
Video BVC 260 Flexible
BVC 260 Flexible BVC 260 Flexible