BVI 180/260/400

The all-rounder BVI

The highlights
  • Large variety of products and bag styles due to wide size range and suit to application add on modules
  • Vacuum draw down belts for ideal processing of various packaging materials as standard
  • Wear-free servo motor based main drive for the cross-sealing station
  • Sense&Seal function to avoid product inclusion in cross seal and to protect jaws and cut of knife. For increased availability and reduced mainenance costs.
  • Sealing time, sealing force and opening width of sealing tools freely programmable for optimum number of cycles for every application.
  • Intuitive, easily understandable operation, user interface with graphic support in national language

Robust, flexible and powerful.

For dried fruits, cereals or short cut pasta – the machine ensures a product specific handling and economical packaging of lumpy, granulated or powdery products. 

Modular and flexible.

The BVI’s modular construction ensures that you are well prepared for future packaging requirements, trends in pack designs or new packaging materials. The wide variety of formats, along with the ability to process all kinds of mono or laminated film materials and the flexible equipment allow the production of a wide range of bag shapes and sizes.

Technical Data

BVI 180 BVI 260 BVI 400
Nominal output up to 140 B/min. up to 120 B/min. up to 100 B/min.
Sealing force (N) 5000 5000 8000
Format area (mm) 50 –  180 (220*) 60 – 260 (320*) 80 – 400 (410*)
* Gusset fold. Subject to technical changes.
Performance data in dependence of product and packaging material.
Pillow Bag Pillow Bag
Pillow Chainbag Pillow Chainbag
Gusseted Bag Gusseted Bag
Stand-up Pouch Stand-up Pouch
Stabilo Seal Stabilo Seal
More bag styles are available on request.
Product sheet BVI 180/260/400
BVI 180/260/400 BVI 180/260/400