Fresh Produce

Packaging solutions for fresh produce

Fresh products must be packaged and brought to the customer quickly. At the point of sale, consumers like to see potatoes, onions or carrots through display windows, nets or perforations. Plastic films can be used, but also papers from the flat film web, e.g. barrier papers.

  • Fit for fresh produce: Machine housing under pressure to avoid dust residuals
  • Quality: Robust stainless steel machine design, made in Germany
  • High speed: Up to 100 pillow bags/min for baby potatoes
  • Machine-related efficiency: up to 99%
  • Future proof: Suitable for a wide variety of bag shapes
  • Versatile: Prepared for production with polyethylene films, laminated films, as well as paper packaging materials
  • Minimal operator intervention: Autonomous machine operation thanks to automatic packing material change- over and Sense&Seal product detection

85 bags/min*

Baby potatoes

55 bags/min*

Crop potatoes

50 – 60 bags/min*


70 bags/min*


55 bags/min*


65 bags/min*


20 bags/min*


* Output rates mentioned are indicative. Actual performance depends on technical specification and individual application.

A variety of pack styles can be achieved.
Process very thin plastic packaging materials (LDPE or net) or paper from the flat film web.

Choose your bag style*Choose your packaging material

Perforated paper materials
Tear-resistant paper packaging materials enable the design of grid-like windows. The consumer can see the product without the need for a plastic or mesh window - a clear advantage for the recycling loop.

* exemplary presentation